How I work

  • I don’t copy other artists’ work.
  • I don’t copy my own tattooed work. I may re-use design material to create my own style, but every design is different and unique.
  • There are a few places I prefer not to work on, namely the face, neck and rib area. Depending on the design, I might not be able to accept your request for these areas.
  • Most of my work is not very suitable for cover-up work, due to the fine and graphic nature of my work.
  • After receiving your completed request form, I will take the time to ensure your request is a good match with my style of tattooing.
  • Take in consideration, that I need time to read all request forms. It might take a while before you receive a response.
  • If I can’t help you with your request, please don’t be offended. If I think there’s a better artist for your specific design/style wishes, I’ll make sure to inform you and provide you with their info.
  • If I believe I can make a custom design for you, you will receive an invitation for an online consultation.
  • For all custom designs, a design fee will be charged.
  • During the online consultation I will give you a quote for the design fee as well as a rough estimate for the tattoo phase.
  • The minimum cost for a tattoo is €150,00, regardless of size or complexity of the design
  • All information you provide in writing or during the online consultation is treated as personal and private information. I will not share the information you provided me without your consent.


Please Provide:

  • A short, but detailed description of your basic idea.
  • Your information may be provided in Dutch or English.
  • Detailed description of the desired placement and size. Placement and sizing of your tattoo is important.
  • For example: “upper part of the lower left arm, approximately 7,5 cm wide x 12 cm height”
  • Photo(s) of the area where you would like the tattoo placed.
  • Details of other tattoos in the area that I may need to work around. (It’s best if someone else takes this / these picture(s).)
  • Details of your skin characteristics. Do you have sensitive skin? Have you gained or lost significant weight? Do you have scar tissue, or other issues you think might are relevant?
  • Relevant visual input / examples / inspiration. Ideally including my own work as a reference, or (graphic) work / photo’s you’ve found on the web. Please no tattoos by other artists
  • Your basic information. Please feel free to tell me about your pronouns (he/she/them/they).

All skin tones, sexualities, gender identities and / or body types are welcome at all times!